So today is Halloween which for me falls under the category of ridiculous holiday and alhamdullilah Muslims do not celebrate ridiculous holidays fabricated by commerce for the sole purpose of squeezing every penny you have out of your pocket and into their cash registers.  With that being said all of my non-Muslim family celebrates these ridiculous holidays and this will be the first year for me of going through the ” No thank you, I don’t celebrate (insert ridiculous holiday name here).” My head hurts already. My family is big on asking questions and giving their opinions especially when it’s not solicited.

I view Halloween as the starting point of the holiday season for my family which goes a little something like this: Halloween. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, and Easter brings up the rear. Every month its something. I define a holiday as any day where getting together, eating and spending lots of money is encouraged and required which applies to every single one of those days I just mentioned, in my family anyways. Unbeknownst to them, I will be slowly but surely trying to convince them to cease and desist from this madness. Alhumdulilah my opinion is always taken into consideration in my family council so I need to take advantage of that and come up with ways to let them know that what they do is INSANE without insulting them or making them feel bad.

My first victory of the season: They wanted to spend money on new costumes for today and I suggested they just reuse the ones from last year (that were only used for a few hours, not even a whole day!) and trick or treat in a different neighborhood. They accepted alhamdullilah.

Confession: I’m waging war against any acts that require the unnecessary spending of hard-earned money and create a burden in the lives of the people I love. Holidays beware.