AsSalaam walaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu!

I’m a 20 something muslimah living in the US, recently reverted to Islam Alhumdlilah, and recently married! Due to all of the constant exciting new experiences in my life inshaAllah I started this blog to gather my thoughts and hopefully connect with others going through the same thing. Yes I am wife #2 😀 and it is one of the main reasons I’m here but inshaAllah I don’t want it to define me. InshaAllah, I want to be defined as a servant of Allah, a true believer, a good and pious wife, daughter, and sister. For those of us who choose to walk the straight path, we know that nothing but tests and difficulty lie upon it and no matter how many times we fail, we must always return to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. This blog is about sharing my tests and struggles through this dunya inshaAllah.



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  1. IslamicChamper ⋅

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi

    Dear Sister in Islam

    Thank you for stopping by my blog The Islamic Gallery.

    I admire to find a Co wife being so honest and open,Allah keep you safe.

    I also had that experience behind me, being NR 2.
    today I’m NR 1 as she couldn’t live with it,so she asked her Daughter to go and ask for divorce on her behalf.

    I as you also wanted a good relationship with my Co Wife,but she totally refused it..and from begin she hated me.Many really bad things happen to me and its sad that today not many understand the good it can give being 2 or more wife’s.

    Keep on your good way and Allah make you strong.

    Wa salam Sister Aminah

    • Alaikum AsSalaam warahmatullahi wabarakatu Sister Aminah!

      Your blog is amazing alhamdulillah, I cannot wait to go through it all. May Allah reward your efforts, ameen!
      The cowife and I are a little rocky right now but alhamdulillah she will come around. I make lots of dua and I would be heartbroken if she decided to divorce my husband. I know that is probably hard for a lot of people to understand, but simply I fear Allah.
      I would love for you to share your experiences, thoughts and views on marriage and anything else inshaallah. Jazakallah Khair for your kind words, I hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

  2. IslamicChamper ⋅

    Assalamu alaikum Sister

    Just wanted to thank you for your nice words,I will insallah get back to you.Today is a busy day in home cooking as its friday…lol and my hubby loves good food.

    Wa salam

  3. IslamicChamper ⋅

    Salam alaikum

    By the way, do visit my 2 other blogs The Islamic Champer and Muslim Online Bloggers. And I wish to invite you to join me on my Forum ( I am the Head Adm) were we soon will launch free Islamic lessons,build up as small courses. You can find it here http://www.islamicteachings.org and my 2 other blogs is linked on The Islamic Gallery. I linked your blog on Muslim Online Bloggers as many will be able to learn from your experiences as a Co wife.My story as a Co wife I will write to you on of these days insallah and post here.

  4. IslamicChamper ⋅

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi

    Sister in Islam.

    As promised to you,I will share with you my experiences as Co wife.

    I came here to Egypt in 2007,to marry and settle down with my Hubby ( Egyptian man). I was told from begin that he was divorced,but as I came we married in front of Allah,for after that to make our contract by lawyer. So far so good !

    But as you know,when you marry in front of Allah you are already married and the lawyer and paperwork is only formality.

    Just a few day’s before we were about to make the papers,someone close to his Egyptian Wife,told her that he had married me.

    And then all hell brake loose,I got a chock actually,as i didn’t know she was there. i was told he was divorced.
    But he told me,that he was afraid i would not come to marry him.I told him,that it had been better if he had told me from begin,so I was prepared.

    Anyway,She got so mad and then she wanted him to get a divorce from me,and send me back to Denmark.But he refused that.In order to keep me,he told her and her family a lie,something i didn’t like when I was told it. I told him its haram and its really bad. He told her we married some years back and that we have a son together,that was not true at this time.

    After some time she had to accept it,and I thought that was all good. But I got a surprise..

    My father in law loved me from the first time he saw me,and told my husband to take good care of me. He gave me in wedding gift his old apartment with furniture.Something which i was really happy with.

    We spend what we had to fix it up and moved in in the first week of Dec 2007.
    Just one week after my Father in law died,and we had to make his funeral in the home.

    My husband has 2 brother which he don’t like(both addicted to drugs) and criminals.

    They came to my home the same day of the funeral,were i was sitting alone with my Co wife. And as they came I could see,that she was the one telling them,how to treat with me and my husband.They insulted me,stole all my money and a mobile phone,I my sister in law came she called my husband and they came to take me to police.

    We made a case,but we never got anything back and they never got jailed for what they did.

    For several months everything was okay,we lived and time just went on.

    But then in February 2008 they came back.

    Reason,because my Co wife again told my husband to divorce me,and he refused again.it should be said that reason for him to marry me,was that she refused him any sexual contact,and refused him to bring his children from his first marriage to live with him.And then what should a man do,he has needs of course.

    Well,my husband came to the home,with his clothes,as he had enough of her..just a few moments later they came,the 2 brothers and 28 criminals which they had hired to help them.

    They broke in the door,and in all tried to kill my husband,and to rape me..a lot of bad things happen and they took all,our furniture,our clothes,our money,just everything,and also the home. They went to the owner,gave him a lot of money for a new contract. So in front of police we couldn’t do anything ..

    I was totally crying,and I had only the clothes I was wearing at that time,and my passport,my husband the same,clothes and papers.

    We made a case but we lost in court,as the payed off the judge and well today we live in a small apartment,started up new but we are fine and we are alive.

    All that happen because of her,she later also accused me of stealing her gold,and really i was so mad and so tired inside my self. but i keep going on.

    I got a son,Yusuf he is now 1 year and 7 months..and she is now out of our life,as she asked for divorce,and my husband agreed on that as he was very tired,fighting with her all the time,about me and about money.

    Now we live a simple and good life,less money and a small home,but we have Allah,that is what matters.

    Al hamdulilallah my life is very good now,and I have a good husband and a nice gorgeous son.

    Sister Aminah

    Ps. Anyone out-there,don’t let your self be scared of being a Co wife,as long you do your best,then nothing else can matter. And Allah know best.

    • Assalaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu!

      Sister Aminah SUBHANALLAH! May Allah reward you for being steadfast in the face of extreme adversity, Ameen!

      I cannot thank you enough for sharing your story, I pray that your courage is of benefit not only to myself but also anyone else out there reading this. JazakAllah Khair.

      Shaytan is real, live and in full effect your story is hard core proof. The way Shaytan flourished in your ex-co wife and all of those who helped her in her insanity is a reminder that we MUST FEAR ALLAH! To stoop to that level and do all of those inhumane and hideous acts towards you and your husband boggles my mind! She dis that all over a man! A MAN! A human being! WOW.

      My dear sister in Islam, you know way better than I do what happens to those who oppress others on the day of judgement. Their actions will not be forgotten just as your efforts for spreading the beautiful message and knowledge of Islam will not be forgotten. Allah subhanhu wa ta’ala is Al ‘Adl, the utterly just, and justice will be served!

      Thank you again Sister Aminah. May Allah send endless barakah upon you and your family. Ameen!


  5. asalamualaykum:)
    Stumbled across your blog – Good to meet you sis, may Allah swt grant you al-istiqaamah. ameen

  6. anisa

    Asalamu alikum … masha`allah sis you have a really lovely blog here and i’m so impressed at how you handle your live and your co … may allah reward you for this … i myself am not a co yet but one day i will and blogs like these help to make ppl understand … i’m looking forward to reading alot more ….jazak`allah khair

    umm imran

  7. Masha;Allah sis, love your blog & looking forward to following your journey 🙂

  8. Asalaamu Alaikum Wa Ramatullahi Wa Barakatu

    Sister it is so nice to come across your blog Alhamdulillah!
    I am on the verge of becoming a co-wife – in that my husband may soon marry one of my best friends!
    I have been struggling with contrasting emotions – wanting for my sister what I want for myself Vs naffs + shaytan.

    Without my “blessing” she would never have agreed. But I have no right (or reason) to deny their rights so I am trying hard to keep positive and put my trust in Alla swt.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog now In’sha Allāh x

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